Dear Jerry,

Pets – some people love them… others not so much. I am proud to say, that I love pets. My family owns four to be exact. I will be describing each one of them. All of my pets have their own unique personalities. I am sorry to say this Jerry but, I don’t have a pet lizard. But many lizards make my backyard their home. So, maybe some of your relatives live there. With that said, let’s enter now into the amusing life of three bunnies and a dog.

I have three bunnies, Cinnamon, Frosty, and Floppers. First up, we have Cinnamon. Cinnamon’s color is a mix of tan, brown, and white, kind of making up the color of the spice. She is the most defensive and adventurous of the three; therefore, took on the role of being the “top dog” or, better yet, “alpha bunny.” Next, we have Frosty. Frosty is all white with black tips on her ears. She is also exponentially fluffy. Frosty is the shyest, most nervous, most timid bunny, and probably the laziest; she is also the biggest of the three. Last, but not least, we have Floppers. Floppers is all brown and, in case it’s not already obvious, Floppers has floppy ears. Floppers’ personality is very gentle and dog-like. She scratches her ears like a dog, she is always very thrilled to see me, which is a typical canine trait, and she will even lick my fingers!

The familiar expression that a dog is man’s best friend is something that I wholeheartedly believe in. Ginger is my dog. Like the names of my fluffy and aquatic friends, my dog’s name was derived from her gingerbread coloring (and from the fact that it was Christmastime when she became part of the family). Ginger is playful, cuddly and loyal. Ginger proves a dog is man’s best friend by loving me unconditionally and being faithful. She always wants to please me, never gets tired of wanting to be with me and is very protective. Dogs are joyful. Dogs are strong. Dogs are adorable. Ginger is all three and more.

Pets are a wonderful gift from God. He gave us pets so we can enjoy them and learn from them. Pets are everywhere around the world, having varying traits, shapes, sizes and colors. God made each animal and each one of us different. Even you Jerry. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully, made and I think animals are, too!



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