A Double Holiday?

Dear Jerry,
I know its been a while- life just gets in the way you know, and opportunities to write you have been slim. Anyway, enough with that; I feel that you would be interested in hearing how this year’s Super Bowl “Holiday” was a big day indeed! A few weeks ago it was the thought of the Super Bowl coming up that excited me. Then it was determined which teams were going to actually be playing. The excitement quickly plummeted. A few days later I was quite intrigued that my birthday looked to be landing on the same Sunday as the Super Bowl. Really? I had to check the calender another time. Sure enough, February 1st, my birthday, was on the same day as the Super Bowl.

Coincidence? I think so.

Before I knew it, the day quickly approached. I went to church that morning and though I knew I was in fact a year older, I kept wondering, couldn’t it have been a slightly bigger digit? The answer was clear. No. I dropped into the nursery to cover for one of the ladies who had not shown up and once she arrived I headed back to Bible Study. I only made it, let’s say a quarter of a foot outside of the nursery door (in other words, I wasn’t entirely in or out) before I ran into Melissa K. “Happy Birthday!” I replied with a “Happy early Birthday,” as well. “It’s so weird,” she started, “that we both have the same birthday. I mean I am a year older but still, the same birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.” Whoa! I had to rethink that for a moment. That’s right! It had finally registered – we both were the birthday girls. Melissa and I talk – regularly even – and yet the subject of ‘birthdays’ just never came up. Could it be that you could go speaking to a person, long conversations at a time, week after week and not ever find out until a week before that your birthdays happen to land on the same day? Well, we just proved to y’all that it is a quite easy thing to do. At least we got as far as knowing we were a year apart. (Whew!) Anyway, after recovering from the shock of nearly being knocked down and having a brain that just got mind blown, we walked to Bible study together. The word had already spread and we were told that they were going to sing for us. Oh lovely.

Melissa left class early and left me there alone when the voices began. I sat there, embarrassed, listening to the slightly out of tune voices. In the moment I really did not appreciate the singing, but later, it made me smile. And then there was the other half of the day still under way. I decided to have tacos for dinner because I knew it wasn’t the healthiest meal and it was one I quite love, so why not? We had everything set out that you can think of that would logically belong on a taco (Or maybe there were a few ‘odd’ things there as well. I will leave it up to you as to which theory you want to believe. 🙂 I used the command “Dig in” to its full extent and ended up eating redundantly. How many did I eat? Well… lets just say they were really good tacos, so good that I ate close to a dozen of them. Shocked? Don’t be, food and I seem to have a real connection. More details about perhaps some of the awkward things I put on?

Really, yes?

Sorry, I think I am going to let that idea pass and move on to a more reasonable topic. Guys banging heads and chasing after a ball. Yeah, I really think that sounds like much more reasonable. (Haha) Apparently I was one of the few who were not so jazzed about the Sea Hawks and Patriots playing in the Super Bowl. If you know me well you will know that I am a die hard sports fan, and that football is a sport I love dearly. (And you would get an extra bonus if you happen to know that the Dallas cowboys are my favorite football team.) The bottom line is that even though I watched the game in its entirety (merely because I like watching football in general and watching them bang heads over a ball is quite amusing) I was not too crazy about the teams playing. I have to say though that if I really had to favor a team I would have gone with the Sea Hawks mainly because of a rumor that the Patriots were playing with a deflated ball. Before all you Patriot fans go defensive, know that I am a fan of debates but I am not a fan of debating over the Patriots so you are free from that. (for now anyway) Clearly the excitement of February 1st being such an action packed, double holiday this year has lead me to write a bit more than I am supposed to. (Okay, by ‘a bit more’ I am trying to say it was only by a couple hundred words!!) I just had to tell you all about it Jerry, and I’m sure you will forgive me.
~ Sarah


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    -Hannah M 😉

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