A day in One Room

Dear Jerry,
28 kids in One Room might sound chaotic…and trust me, it kind of is. In One Room the grades range from 2nd grade to the 12th grade. This classroom is a place where fun and learning combine. We’ve done everything from getting a lecture by a library cop to naming a fan Bob. A day in One Room is pretty crazy and exciting. When we do our math or grammar we listen to music while being crazy at the same time. We’ve been to a private museum and slid down a firehouse pole, we’ve had kids fall out of their chairs, we’ve had pajama and junk food parties, and many other fun things. In science we have
dissected hearts and brains. There have been times where we just got a little out of control. But we have our awesome teacher Miss Sarah to keep us in check, and to keep us studying. We also do devotions in the morning; we learn new things everyday about the people God used and how wonderful our Savior is. Our break time is just as interesting as when we’re in class learning. The kids get together and eat lunch and we usually let our crazy side show and have music blaring. Now you may be thinking “Do these kids learn anything?” Well, yes we do. One Room isn’t always fun and games. There are many times when we need to be serious and focus on our work. If we aren’t on track we lose Dojo points. The Dojo is how our teacher keeps us in check. If we don’t do as we’re told or don’t behave, we lose points. But if we are good we either gain points or just stay at 100%.
In One Room each kid also has personalities and talents. Most of the kids in the classroom play sports while others have musical or artistic abilities. Some of the kids are quiet while others like to talk. Some like free hugs while others prefer a fist bump. It’s also a place where imagination goes wild. Each morning we start out with doing writing prompts so our brains wake up. We get to choose scenarios, make up our own characters, and write down what we like to do. This also helps us for when we do our novels. In the month of November we expand our minds and imagination by writing and publishing our own novels (This is known as National Novel Writing Month or NANOWRIMO). Although we have the pressure of having to reach our word goals by the end of the month, the perk is that we have no grammar for the whole month of November. Overall, One Room is a place where we can do academic things and still have a good time.
– Melany

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