My first day in One Room

Dear Jerry,
My first week at One Room was pretty awesome. The first day I was nervous because I didn’t know anybody, except the girls that I played volleyball with in the beginning of the semester. I met a lot of new people the first day, I really don’t talk to people because I’m pretty shy and I only talk if they talk to me first because I don’t want to be rude. We had to wear name tags so we would know each others names, and in the middle of the day we got donuts!! The second day (Tuesday) I was still nervous and I talked a lot in order to get to know the people around me, they seem really nice and I’m glad that I got to meet them. The third day (Wednesday) I got a copy of the book Pride and Prejudice. I started reading it and I thought it was so boring. The grammar was so bad I didn’t want to read it one bit, but then I continued reading it and in the middle of the book I started to like it. Chemistry class is fun we get to do labs and all kinds of other thing. I had never done a lab before and finally getting to learn how to do them is really interesting. I did my Geometry on the computer and I finally understand it thanks to my awesome new teachers. On Thursday and Friday I did my work at home and I absolutely love it because I get to sleep in and do my work whenever I want. That was my first week at one room!
– Bethany

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