You Have Been Hacked!

Dear Jerry,

It’s good to see you old buddy! Time has flown and I haven’t talked with you since last year…..around this time, now that I think about it. This time of the year is a crazy time in One Room, with final tests coming up this week, finishing up all of the subjects, some kids have presentations, and all of the kids have their Robin Hood play next week, (which I hope you will be attending Jerry), and lets not forget saying goodbye to all the kids for the summer! I’m not sure where you go over the summer Jerry, but I really hope you end up on someones desk in a nice lounge chair in the air conditioning! Because lets face it buddy, you’re looking a little crispy these days, maybe try some lotion and stay out of the sun so you don’t turn into ash.

I just wanted to tell you hello and make sure you take care of yourself this summer. Have a great last week with the kids, (and be sure to be encouraging to all of them!) they may look a little stressed from all the tests that the teaches will be throwing at them, and lets not forget the play, but I’m sure they are stoked to finally be finishing up for the year. I know I was last year when I was in One Room. Miss you buddy, and I’m glad I remembered how to get on here so I could say one last goodbye before the summer. 😉 Take care old buddy.

-An Old Friend-