A Returning Comrade

hey Jerry! long time no see. in case you don’t remember (or know) Its me… Melany! let’s see I am now a junior and I am 16. I’ve been coming to one room for the past three years.  And let me tell you our chaos and craziness never ends. You should know ,after all, you do go to class with us.

now I want to introduce a little bit about myself.

I was never a homeschooler before, until I joined one Room my freshman year of high school. public school wasn’t the best experience for me but it wasn’t that bad either. I did have a lot of good times there. Now, when I joined One room I was overjoyed cause I had asked my parents to put me into homeschooling since like the beginning of Sixth grade. And m amazing teacher and friends just make ORL so much fun. I also have my little sister, Megan, in there with me. She’s fun to be around but her energy can sometimes ( Most of the time for me) be a little overwhelming. See thing is, i’m the more calm one in our house while my younger sibling is the more energetic one…which causes us to clash every so often. But we do love each other. most people don’t believe me when I say that I am the calm one ( it’s because they know me) but truth be told my crazy personality is just one side of me. I usually like to spend my free time doing something quiet.

Lets see…. what else? oh, yeah! I love to do anything artsy. Its my hobby. I love to be creative. I’ve done drawings, and paintings, and sculptures. I’ve even picked up writing. My favorite thing to do though is draw. I’ve been doing it since I was little. I guess what I do is decent and I do enjoy doing it. its something that lets me expand my creativity, imagination, and skills. Writing just so happens to come in a close second. I never knew how much fun it could be to just write a book. Making up a storyline and random characters is a challenge but its also very fun!

hope to keep writing more to you this year.

your old friend,


Dear Jerry,
You know who I am but you may have forgotten, I haven’t written to you in a while. Let’s start over. My name is Mya, I’m 16 years old, in a family of 6. I have three brothers. Cameron, 19, Nash, 13, and Maximus, 12. Yes I’m the only girl! Also, since we’ve talked I have gotten a car. Yes I know! it’s so exciting!
Now here are some things about myself. I play basketball, this will be my fifth season playing for LCHS. Last year we were undefeated and one the State Championship, it was awesome.
I play guitar as well. I got my guitar for Christmas but did not really start playing it until a few months ago. My older brother Cam and I have covered a few songs together, I will put the link below.
Another hobby I have is horseback riding. I have been riding horses for 9 years now. This last horse I bought, Jon, I trained to jump, he loves it. I’m selling him to someone who has more time to work with him though, because Jon is a thoroughbred and requires a lot of time that I don’t have at the moment. I am planning on getting another, more calm horse soon.
This is my third year in One Room Learning, and I love it! Yes it can be crazy at times… well most of the time, But that’s what makes it unique. All of the students in One Room are so nice. The teachers are pretty cool too I guess.
My favorite subject is science. Mrs. Becca is the best science teacher ever, she keeps it fun while we are still learning stuff. Miss Sarah’s favorite subject to teach is history. That may not be on my top five, but Miss Sarah’s way of teaching definitely helps!
Links to the Cam and I’s covers:
“Keep Holding On” by Falling in Reverse- https://youtu.be/u6L7DdEypg
And also this one(this was for my Dad’s birthday)
“Angel” by Theory of a Deadman- https://youtu.be/5wkdB5n8hl4

New Girl

Dear Jerry,

This is my first time chatting with you, so let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Amelia but almost everyone calls me Mia. I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother, so that makes me the baby. ^_^ I’ve been homeschooled my whole life and I’m a senior this year…. CRAZZYY!!! I’ve played volleyball and basketball for 6 years and I love them both to death! This is my first year in One Room Learning and I was so excited when it was finally the first day of school……well I was excited the night before, then morning came and I felt sick to my stomach….seriously I almost threw-up xD On the first day of school I was so nervous I didn’t want to go but my mom said it was to late to change my mind. So I was about 2 minutes away from my house when I told me sister to turn the car around. She thought I was bailing out before I had even got there, but it turns out I had forgotten my Pre-Calc. books…..that would of been bad to show up on the first day of school without your math books! I was nervous the whole drive there, but once I got there and saw all my awesome friends I was just fine. I just finished my 3rd week of One Room and even though I’m not liking the homework much, I’m still glad to be apart of it and to spend time with some of my really amazing friends! 🙂 Oh also I recently kinda tried out for the part of Wendy in our One Room Drama Wendy and Peter Pan, I really hope I get to play Wendy!

Well see you later Jerry,

Your new friend Amelia (Mia)

What’s New With Me

Dear Jerry,
It seems like forever since I last wrote you. So many things have changed since last time we talked and I just wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on since I wrote last. At the beginning of the summer my sister, her husband and my three year old nephew moved down from Tennessee and are now living in my house. I cannot even describe how awesome it is to have them living with us (although it does get crowded with seven of us living in the same house.) After my sister and her family moved down from Tennessee, we wanted chickens again so we decided to build a chicken barn. The barn is twelve by sixty feet and we built it in three weeks. It has a porch and we are in the process of adding a lawnmower/ go-cart shelter attached to it. Our house has grown from four people and three dogs at the beginning of the summer to seven people, seven dogs, a hundred chickens, nine fish, two guinea pigs, a rabbit and a cat. We are also working on our garden which we have already planted some okra, a lemon tree, peach tree and a mango tree. Along with our house expanding something very important happened over the summer. It is one of the most important and biggest things that has happened to me in my life, I turned sixteen, got my license, and got my first car. Well I say car but it’s actually a tan ford truck. It is just the right size and I decked it out with stickers and camo stuff. I have been driving everywhere and it has been super fun. I drive to church, the store and pretty much wherever (my mom says I have gasoline in my veins because I’m always gone.) Since I got my license I have been finding myself at the library very often, and I have found that I have become a little bit of a bookworm. It’s so easy and convenient to get to the library, after all I have to pass it to get home from church. I have read over thirteen books during the summer and am currently working on four new ones. Something that I have discovered is that I have really taken an interest in zoology and animal photography. I have always liked zoology but I recently got back into it. It amazes me how animals and nature work and I love to learn about them. We started school again and I can’t even believe that I’m a junior. It’s crazy to think I’m only one year away from being a senior! Of course being a junior comes with a lot of challenging questions like, “what do you want to do with your life?” Honestly I’m still trying to figure that one out, although I’m thinking zoology might be fun. Everything is so different since last year, I mean even my big brother graduated last year so I’m the last one in my family in school (besides my nephew who just started pre-k.) Well Jerry that’s the run-down of everything that’s happened since I last wrote to you. I can guarantee that you will be hearing from me soon. Sincerely, your bud.

– Caroline

Returning Friend

Dear Jerry,

Its been a whole year since the last time I talked to you, sorry I haven’t gotten to it sooner, looking back I never really said anything about myself to you, im sorry for that. I’m Bethany, seventeen years old almost eighteen, ALMOST AN ADULT!!! how scary is that… very, I’m a senior this year and im so excited to graduate but not ready to leave the nest, I am the fourth out of six kids, yes I know Jerry that’s a lot. so jerry are you like only child or do you have siblings?? I like to play basketball and volleyball but basketball is my favorite no doubt about it, Jerry you wont believe the book I just got done reading its called The Giver it was so awesome I loved the whole thing, I wont say anything about it so I don’t spoil it for anyone, Jerry I must say you should really ask the teacher if you could borrow hers maybe she has an extra book and would let you use it while you just sit there watching us do our school work that must be boring. well jerry I have to go get some homework done I promise I’ll write again soon.


Getting to Know me.

Dear Jerry,

I never really did introduce myself to you when I first joined One Room which seems extremely rude and I am very sorry about that. Let’s start off with the basics, My name is Stephanie and I grew up in Florida. I am the third child of six kids, yes I know that’s a lot. I’m a twin which is extremely fun and sometimes annoying. People always come to me and my sister, Bethany and ask if we are sister’s or twins… Now jerry, I know you have never seen Bethany or I because you don’t exactly have eyes anymore but if you did you will know for sure that we are twins. Sometimes when the person asks if we’re sister’s or twins I say no we’re actually cousins because it’s extremely annoying getting asked the same questions all the time and I want to have a little fun with it. On my free time I enjoy reading, playing basketball, hanging with my friends and, of course watching Netflix I’m pretty sure that’s every girls favorite thing to do. I dislike Sushi, some seafood, Mushrooms, and the cold. I have lived in Florida my whole life, I would rather be hot getting a farmers tan playing basketball, then being extremely cold getting snow off my car. I’m a senior this year which is extremely weird and amazing at the same time. I always remember thinking back into the 5th grade saying I can’t wait to graduate and now the time is almost here and I’m sad about it and super excited that I will be starting a new part of my life after I graduate.

Well Jerry.. This is my letter to you.


Midnight musings

Dear Jerry, 
A lot has changed since you heard from me last. I’m not a child anymore. I’m not entirely made of flesh anymore either. There’s some serious metal going on in my ankle. (Don’t play ultimate frisbee barefoot, Jerry. More on that another day.) 

I’m no longer a member of a huge family of mostly girls. There have been so many boys added lately, both of the brother-in-law and adorable nephew variety. And speaking of nephews, I’m no longer the auntie to just one niece. Well, there’s still only one niece, but now she is joined by four nephews! 

I no longer measure the length of my high school sport career in years, but in months. That’s weird. 

I can’t put off graduation any longer. It’s coming this May, ready or not.

I’m not anxious about flying solo for the first time. Did it. Nailed it.

I don’t have the companionship of a lovable German shepherd anymore, but hopefully that void will be filled by another fluffy buddy before too long.

I wish I could say that I no longer depend on others to drive me around, but that previously mentioned chunk of reconstructive metal has restricted any dreams of cruising around in my own Ferrari (for now).

I’m no longer unemployed! (wut, wut!) And what’s more, I don’t even have just one job. Multitasking to the max.

What more do you need to know, Jerry? We’ve been together since the beginning. You and I have had a lot of good talks, and hopefully we’ll have some more before this year is through.

I’m not going to just get through my senior year; I’m going to live it.

I’m not going to squander my mind; I’m going to invest it.

I’m ready.

Your dearest chum,