Getting to Know me.

Dear Jerry,

I never really did introduce myself to you when I first joined One Room which seems extremely rude and I am very sorry about that. Let’s start off with the basics, My name is Stephanie and I grew up in Florida. I am the third child of six kids, yes I know that’s a lot. I’m a twin which is extremely fun and sometimes annoying. People always come to me and my sister, Bethany and ask if we are sister’s or twins… Now jerry, I know you have never seen Bethany or I because you don’t exactly have eyes anymore but if you did you will know for sure that we are twins. Sometimes when the person asks if we’re sister’s or twins I say no we’re actually cousins because it’s extremely annoying getting asked the same questions all the time and I want to have a little fun with it. On my free time I enjoy reading, playing basketball, hanging with my friends and, of course watching Netflix I’m pretty sure that’s every girls favorite thing to do. I dislike Sushi, some seafood, Mushrooms, and the cold. I have lived in Florida my whole life, I would rather be hot getting a farmers tan playing basketball, then being extremely cold getting snow off my car. I’m a senior this year which is extremely weird and amazing at the same time. I always remember thinking back into the 5th grade saying I can’t wait to graduate and now the time is almost here and I’m sad about it and super excited that I will be starting a new part of my life after I graduate.

Well Jerry.. This is my letter to you.



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