Returning Friend

Dear Jerry,

Its been a whole year since the last time I talked to you, sorry I haven’t gotten to it sooner, looking back I never really said anything about myself to you, im sorry for that. I’m Bethany, seventeen years old almost eighteen, ALMOST AN ADULT!!! how scary is that… very, I’m a senior this year and im so excited to graduate but not ready to leave the nest, I am the fourth out of six kids, yes I know Jerry that’s a lot. so jerry are you like only child or do you have siblings?? I like to play basketball and volleyball but basketball is my favorite no doubt about it, Jerry you wont believe the book I just got done reading its called The Giver it was so awesome I loved the whole thing, I wont say anything about it so I don’t spoil it for anyone, Jerry I must say you should really ask the teacher if you could borrow hers maybe she has an extra book and would let you use it while you just sit there watching us do our school work that must be boring. well jerry I have to go get some homework done I promise I’ll write again soon.



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