Dear Jerry,
You know who I am but you may have forgotten, I haven’t written to you in a while. Let’s start over. My name is Mya, I’m 16 years old, in a family of 6. I have three brothers. Cameron, 19, Nash, 13, and Maximus, 12. Yes I’m the only girl! Also, since we’ve talked I have gotten a car. Yes I know! it’s so exciting!
Now here are some things about myself. I play basketball, this will be my fifth season playing for LCHS. Last year we were undefeated and one the State Championship, it was awesome.
I play guitar as well. I got my guitar for Christmas but did not really start playing it until a few months ago. My older brother Cam and I have covered a few songs together, I will put the link below.
Another hobby I have is horseback riding. I have been riding horses for 9 years now. This last horse I bought, Jon, I trained to jump, he loves it. I’m selling him to someone who has more time to work with him though, because Jon is a thoroughbred and requires a lot of time that I don’t have at the moment. I am planning on getting another, more calm horse soon.
This is my third year in One Room Learning, and I love it! Yes it can be crazy at times… well most of the time, But that’s what makes it unique. All of the students in One Room are so nice. The teachers are pretty cool too I guess.
My favorite subject is science. Mrs. Becca is the best science teacher ever, she keeps it fun while we are still learning stuff. Miss Sarah’s favorite subject to teach is history. That may not be on my top five, but Miss Sarah’s way of teaching definitely helps!
Links to the Cam and I’s covers:
“Keep Holding On” by Falling in Reverse-
And also this one(this was for my Dad’s birthday)
“Angel” by Theory of a Deadman-

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