A Returning Comrade

hey Jerry! long time no see. in case you don’t remember (or know) Its me… Melany! let’s see I am now a junior and I am 16. I’ve been coming to one room for the past three years.  And let me tell you our chaos and craziness never ends. You should know ,after all, you do go to class with us.

now I want to introduce a little bit about myself.

I was never a homeschooler before, until I joined one Room my freshman year of high school. public school wasn’t the best experience for me but it wasn’t that bad either. I did have a lot of good times there. Now, when I joined One room I was overjoyed cause I had asked my parents to put me into homeschooling since like the beginning of Sixth grade. And m amazing teacher and friends just make ORL so much fun. I also have my little sister, Megan, in there with me. She’s fun to be around but her energy can sometimes ( Most of the time for me) be a little overwhelming. See thing is, i’m the more calm one in our house while my younger sibling is the more energetic one…which causes us to clash every so often. But we do love each other. most people don’t believe me when I say that I am the calm one ( it’s because they know me) but truth be told my crazy personality is just one side of me. I usually like to spend my free time doing something quiet.

Lets see…. what else? oh, yeah! I love to do anything artsy. Its my hobby. I love to be creative. I’ve done drawings, and paintings, and sculptures. I’ve even picked up writing. My favorite thing to do though is draw. I’ve been doing it since I was little. I guess what I do is decent and I do enjoy doing it. its something that lets me expand my creativity, imagination, and skills. Writing just so happens to come in a close second. I never knew how much fun it could be to just write a book. Making up a storyline and random characters is a challenge but its also very fun!

hope to keep writing more to you this year.

your old friend,



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