My Vacation.

Dear Jerry,

I haven’t talked with you in a couple of weeks, how is life going over there on Miss Sarah’s desk? Well I have been pretty good I am keeping up with school and I am not lacking on doing my homework like last year. I thought I would tell you why you did not see my siblings or myself at the first week of school. Well we went on vacation and we weren’t able to change the date we have been waiting a whole year for this cruise ship we went on. The vacation was nice, relaxing and seemed not to last long. The ship had all kinds of stuff to do like water slides, trivia games, play basketball on the court. My family actually went on the cruise with some friends so we kept each other company. I tried all kinds of new foods like frog legs, ox tongue, rabbit, lamb, and lobster. Now Jerry, I am about to tell you something that sounds totally crazy but it really did happen. A guy jumped over board on the second day, yes I know why in the world would he do this?!? Well unfortunately he had to much to drink, the cruise director took his cruise ship card and put a block on it so he couldn’t buy any more drinks, they also did this to his wife’s card too. After that happened he was angry and later during that day people were actually still buying him drinks so he wasn’t able to sober up. He went on the highest floor and jumped off with a life ring. We had to turn the boat around and thankfully he was alright. I just want to say when they build cruise ships they make the sides extremely tall so you wouldn’t be able to fall over even if you were leaning over the side. Now with all that being said it was a very interesting cruise and extremely fun! But on the 5th day of the 6th I was ready to go home. Well Jerry this is my letter to you on why you did not see me on the first week of school.



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