Crazy Volleyball Season

Derry Jerry,

So today Jerry I’m going to tell you about my crazy volleyball life right now. So I started getting back into volleyball shape in May, me and my sister would go hangout at the rec center and just mess around….because we where very bad after taking a year off. The Lady Ambassadors finally got together in August a month before games where going to start. Our first practice of the season was me and 5 other girls…. Almost half the team was out of town or hadn’t decided if they where going to play, so it was a little crazy trying to do practice. Weeks had gone by and at each practice a few more girls would show up…..but it was a lot of new girls who have never played before. So for me having played so long and being in love with volleyball it was a little awkward xD  Jumping up a few weeks Jerry, everyone finally came back from their vacations and we had so many girls show up we decided to form a JV and Varsity team. Things where going great, both teams where formed, getting ready to play games, about to order awesome new jerseys…..then some things went down hill from there. After one of our practices we got word that a few girls decided not to play and one girl had broken her ankle. Well that left us with still a varsity team, but no jv team. So instead of turning all the younger girls away we formed one big varsity team. Right now Jerry our team consist of 15 girls! Half of them 14 years of age and under so we have a very young team. The season isn’t going bad but we’ve played only three games, and its already October….the season started in September. We’ve have to reschedule sooooo many games due to either rain or refs not showing up. We’ve rescheduled so many games, these up coming weeks its going to be game after game with like no practices…..CRAZY, right Jerry!? I’m hoping I’ll make it. Well till next time Jerry, I’ll let you know how our team is doing,

See ya, your friend Amelia


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