Banned books

Dear Jerry,
I know I told you a little bit about how I’ve become somewhat of a bookworm over the summer and I want to tell you a little more about it. In the beginning of the summer I went to a store called Sandman. I had never been there before but I would pass it almost every night on my way to Sunday night group. It’s about ten to fifteen minutes from my house. The day I got my driver’s license I was with my dad and we decided to stop thereon the way home from the DMV office. My dad had been there before and had told me there was a lot of books. The moment I walked through the door I was overwhelmed, they had so many books I could barely contain my excitement. As I walked through the store I looked around at all the cool stuff they had like their book arch that is made of over four thousand books. With all these books I couldn’t decide what sections to go to first. I found my way to the dystopia section because that’s one of my favorite genres. After looked through this section I decided to go find my dad. As I was walking to find my dad, a particular book case caught my eye. The sign said that the whole bookcase was full of banned books. I had heard of banned books before but that was before I knew what that actually meant. As I looked through the shelves I began to see that a lot of the books I knew. I hadn’t read them but they were classic books that used to be very popular. There was even some books that I had when I was a kid like where’s Waldo? After that point I decided that I was going to try and read as many classic books as possible, I wanted to be educated in the books that were written a long time ago and are still very popular today, they are part of the past and that’s important. It just so happens that most of the classic books are banned. So as I read more and more classics over the summer I found myself ending up in the banned book section more and more often. I couldn’t believe how many classics were banned. Over the summer I read as many classic banned books as I could. I had in my previous school years read the banned books Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, and The witch of Blackbird Pond. But I have also read over the summer to now The Scarlet Letter, To kill a Mockingbird, and, Fahrenheit 451. As I read these books I was very intrigued to find out why they were banned. For some of the books it was very apparent but others I had to dig deep to figure it out. Now I love reading banned books, although some of them are hard to read it is always worth it to finish the book even if I hate it. I’ve found that finishing some of the books gives me a new perspective then if I would have just quit the book because I didn’t like it. It helps me understand why the author wrote the book the way they did. Thanks for listening Jerry sincerely your pal. – Caroline


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