Israel Trip

Dear Jerry,
I just got back from Israel and it was amazing! We saw so many biblical sights that made the Bible feel so real. Obviously i knew the Bible was real before but it just strengthened my faith a lot, and it was amazing being able to see exactly where the Bible stories I’ve heard grown up were at.
We went to a bunch of places. I Jericho we saw where the walls fell down, in Coppernium we saw where Paul’s house was and Jesus’ wouldn’t have been far from there. We were able to walk on some of the exact stone that Jesus would have been walking on. The Garden of Gethsemane is another place we went and my dad read Jesus’ prayer where He would’ve actually prayed it, we all cried, it was amazing. That day we saw Golgotha, where many people believe, including myself, that Jesus was crucified and buried. We even walked inside the tomb! We saw where Hannah prayed before she had Samuel and the Holy of Holys, in Shiloh. Another cool thing was we got to swim in the Dead Sea, it was so much fun. I went to where I wouldn’t be able to touch and I was like  bobber, I couldn’t put my feet on the bottom. I also brought home a huge salt block that I picked up from the bottom.
For two nights we stayed at a hotel on the Sea of Galilee which was awesome because we got to swim in the water that Jesus calmed and walked on. We went to where they believe the Sermon on the Mount was preached, it was very cool. Close to that was where Jesus fed the 5,000.  A large area of grass by some mountains, it was pretty, and amazing to think that’s where it happened. The last day we saw where David beat Goliath, and we got some stone from the same brook that David got his from.
We stayed in Jerusalem for most of our stay and one night we took a walk to where Jesus was condemned. We were standing right where the people would’ve been yelling “crucify him crucify him!. It was very moving. My brothers and I got a picture next to where exactly Pilot would’ve stood, and where Jesus would’ve been standing.
Some scary things happened when we were there too. On night we went for a walk to find some dinner, and as we were walking down this alley my dad turned around and said “I don’t feel good about this turn around.”. As soon as we turned around seven police officers, guns drawn, were sprinting the direction we had just turned from. There was helicopters and dogs and lots of cops out that night. In the morning we found out that there was a stabbing, and we would’ve seen it happen but by the grace of God my dad had a feeling that we shouldn’t. There were multiple stabbings over the time we were there. One of the days we went to Dan we were a out 100 years from the Syrian border and we heard Russia Bombing Syria. It was pretty unnerving. One of the paces we were supposed to be going to was bombed so we didn’t go there thankfully.
The riots are getting worse there so I’m very happy we are home safely. It was an amazing trip but we won’t be going back anytime soon due to safety.
~Mya Marks

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