There’s a place in my heart

Dear Jerry, 
I know you are familiar with the greatest state in the union, for you are a highly educated reptile. However, for the sake of our slightly more ignorant readers, I will clarify that I mean the big and beautiful state of Texas. Today I will be regaling you dear Jerry, with my most recent adventure to that great state. 
It started out just me and my parents; we spent the first few days in a small town outside of Fort Worth. We visited and reconnected with dear friends and my Dad spoke at chapel at Southwestern Seminary.  It was lots of hours in the car and a good bit of caffeine. Then we headed to the land of maroon and white, Aggieland, sometimes called by the less popular name of College Station. We picked up Sarah so she could join us for the end of the adventure. Our days there consisted of the taking in of every Aggie event possible, the eating of much bluebell and catfish, and skip-bo tournaments with the grandparents (and of course some shopping, which ended up with me bringing 4 new Aggie shirts home- WHOOPs). The biggest highlights for me would be meeting several members of both the girls and boys Aggie basketball teams, not to mention shooting around with them and getting pictorial proof. And then also going to my second Aggie football game, though it was my first one in Kyle field. The spirit was unbelievable. The only problem was that something was messed up with the score of the game. Hopefully they’ll get that worked out next time. 
There’s truly no place like Texas Jerry. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll write about it again, but for now it’s thanks and GIG’EM. 

– Hannah  


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