Best Tolkien game ever?

Dear Jerry,

Yup, the geek is back. And once again, I have no idea what I’m doing… I guess I’ll just ramble on about something obscure that no one else will agree with me on. Because I don’t even care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, I’m gonna tell you a little bit about my current favorite video game, Lord of the Rings Online.

Lord of the Rings Online is a free-to-play MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-play game) based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic trilogy. If you’re not familiar with what an MMORPG is, basically it’s an immersive role-playing game that only really nerdy people play…. (okay, that last part was a joke) Although Lord of the Rings Online isn’t quite as popular as other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, it is an incredibly detailed and complex game. The depth to which the creators have gone into the making of quests, characters, and worlds is astounding, especially considering the fact that the developers do not own any rights the movies. Their only source material was the text of Tolkien’s writings and their own creative designs.

When you first jump into the game, you must create your character. There are 5 different playable races in the game; Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Beorning (skin-changer), and last but not least, Man. Every race has various traits that are unique to each. Then after you’ve chosen your desired race, then you must choose a class for your character. There are 9 class options; Guardian, Captain, Lore-Master, Minstrel, Burglar, Rune-Keeper, Warden, Hunter, and Champion. Choosing a class is very important because it determines what kind of armor, weapons, and specific abilities you can use in-game. One must choose wisely. Once that’s done, you are then transported into Middle Earth to begin an exciting adventure.

Now, I realize that role-playing games aren’t for everyone. A lot of people are quite intimidated by them, actually. But let me assure you, Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best online role-playing games out there. The amount of detail put into everything in the game truly makes you feel like you’re in Middle Earth. The game actually delves a lot deeper into Tolkien’s epic stories than the movies could, which is very commendable. In addition to excellent game-play and story-lines, Lord of the Rings Online has a fantastic community of players. The number of trolls/rude people in the community is much lower than a lot of other games like it. More often than not, players are eager to help each other out. Speaking of the multiplayer aspect, you should know that LOTRO is the type of game that requires players to interact with each other at one point or another (obviously). This can sometimes make it difficult to play if you’re more of an online introvert like I am… But, being a lone wolf only works for so long. Interacting with other players by joining Fellowships and such is the best way to get the most out of the game.

Well. I think I’ve rambled for too long about the awesomeness that is Lord of the Rings Online. Basically, if you have a really good gaming computer and you’re looking for an epic video game that will completely consume your life like a black hole…. I mean… take you on an epic adventure that will change your life for the better; then I would highly recommend checking out this amazing game.

— Hannah || Explorer of Middle Earth ||


4 thoughts on “Best Tolkien game ever?

  1. What about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor? It was game of the year in 2014.

  2. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to play that yet, so I have no idea.

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