hey jerry! I have a funny story to tell you and it involves me, my sister, and an awesome tv show called ” Doctor Who.”    so, I was watching these episodes of Doctor Who about two weeks ago. I am currently in season three and around this season is where weeping angels come in. in these episodes the angels stay still as long as you or another creature is looking at them. But once you look away they move. that’s why the in these few episodes The Doctor says, ” Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead.”  So, as I was watching these few episodes my sister could hear me asking myself ,” Why are they moving?! Why don’t you turn around?”  She came over and saw me watching this and decided to join me. as the episode went on we were both freaking out. I was freaking out in the sense of , ” Turn around before they kill you!”    and my sister was freaking out in the sense of ,” AAH! Why are they moving?! They shouldn’t be moving! Why don’t they look at them?!”

so, near the middle of the episode my ipad shuts down on me.  I stand up and go plug in my ipad so that we can continue watching the episode. when I come back my sister goes to her room.

Now, this is about the time when an older sibling takes advantage of the younger sibling. I felt like I had to do something to scare her even more. This is where it gets interesting.  we have a little scarecrow in the middle of the hallway in our house. SO, I decide to move the scarecrow as quickly and quietly as possible. Then, I walk into my mom’s room to go and ask her something. Literally, five minutes later all I hear is, ” AAAHHHH!!!!”  and my sister comes running in with a scared look on her face. acting as normal as possible I ask ,” what happened?”   she stats stuttering. “T-the… I-it ..it moved!”

“What are talking about?”

“The scarecrow moved!”     at this point I don’t know if she was just acting to go along with what I did( I think she was) or if she knew and was just actually scared but it was funny, to me , either way. My sister immediately grabs my arm and drags me over to the hallway and point to the scarecrow and shouts at me saying that it moved from the right side to the left side of the hallway. so, I respond with, “Stop being paranoid. Inanimate objects can’t move.”  then, she sort of pouts and walks away and I just start laughing so much. I decided to continue my form of scaring her by telling her that the angels were coming for her while she was sleeping.



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