We’re going to State!

Dear Jerry,

Last time we talked I told you about my crazy volleyball season so far. Well we finally finished all our games and our record for the season is 6 wins and 4 loses, not bad. The team has improved so much, yeah we still have ups and downs, a lot of downs xD but we always manage to get back in it. The most exciting part is we’re in 3rd place for our conference so we get to go to the state playoffs in Fort Pierce! How exciting is that Jerry?!? Its exciting for me because I get to play more games my senior season, so its not officially over! Yayy! I’m so ready and pumped and I know the team is too! It is coming really fast too, the tournament is Thursday and Friday, so I get a day off from school xD I cant wait to leave on Wednesday! My biggest fear tho is getting up there and either A. I forgot my jersey or culottes, you can’t really replace those, or B. get up there and they said we’re not suppose to be……long store short, the first year we went to state, we went in 4th place and when we got there they said we weren’t suppose to be, so my coach, Miss Sarah, keeps having this fear we’ll get up there and they’re not expecting us. Well Jerry that isn’t happening, because the Lady Ambassadors are coming and we’re coming to play hard! It is bitter sweet because its my last volleyball state playoffs :/ I’m still trying to retain that…. But I’m super proud of my girls and how far they have come this season and I can’t wait to serve it up with them one last time! Well till after the tournament, see ya Jerry.



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