The Season has Begun!

Dear Jerry,

Haven’t talked with you since my last blog, how have you been? Well guess what Jerry, basketball season has finally started!! I’m so excited for the last year of basketball but also sad. Our first practice was last week, it went amazing! On the first day we had like 18 girls I think, I can’t remember it was a lot haha. On the second practice we had less girls because the volleyball girls had practice also, I’m pretty sure Mia will tell you about State :). I was soo sore after the first practice, I realized I was definitely out of shape. We ran so many laps when we first started practice my legs felt like they were going to fall right off my body. Right now we’re just learning the basics of basketball but that’s fine because there is some girls that have never played before. It’s always nice to start off with the basics so everyone is together and learning or relearning the basics. It’s going to be an exciting season, we have so many new girls and we’re all excited to just start learning and playing against other teams. Well Jerry that’s all I have right now, I’ll make sure to tell you how everything is going and more about basketball in my next blog.

Well Jerry this is my letter to you.



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