hey jerry, It’s me. Sorry I didn’t blog last week. I may or may not have forgotten to do so. But I’m doing it now.  and I hope you’ll forgive me.

so here goes nothing.
I have this cousin that I just love so much. I don’t get to see him often but he’s like a brother to me. we’re really close which in turn causes crazy things to happen. It ranges from talking about random things to actually doing those certain random things and driving r parents crazy. (It’s a lot of fun.)
So I’m writing my novel as you know its NaNo month. and as I’m doing so I text my cousin. It started out as a normal text then it got crazy. Our texts consisted of fictional characters fighting ad arguing and whatnot. so him and I are going back and forth between Texting and writing down random things. We just write down whatever thing randomly pops into our heads at the moment and then the whole scenario changes from fighting to a clam argument. and then changes again. you see texts with anyone usually don’t consist of anything close to normal. Well, they’ll  start out disguised as a normal text when in reality they’re actually a crazy text in disguise. Everything just escalated quickly into crazy texting town.

but it’s these kinds of people that you have to keep close. Those who will love and like you for who you are. The people who you can be your unique and crazy self with. It doesn’t Matter if it’s a close family member or a great friend. There are just those certain people you click with. the people who you can say “Let’s go do something crazy.” and they respond with, “I’m in. Let’s do it. ”



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