Hey Jerry, I’m not really sure what to blog about today, so here comes some random junk. Well its December 4th, getting closer and closer to Christmas!! Me and my sister put up our tree yesterday but we haven’t decorated it yet. I love decorating for Christmas while listening to Christmas music. I don’t get why some people don’t like Christmas music, I love it! My favorite song would definitely have to be I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas. A lot of people I know hate that song, I don’t understand them at all. Ohhh I finished my last season of volleyball back in November. I cried when we lost our last game, but it was ok because I got MVP!!! Wohoo!!! Now that volleyball is over I started basketball back up. I’m so out of shape Jerry, but I guess I’m not doing to bad for only having 3 weeks of practice so far. We don’t have any games scheduled yet but I hope we get some soon, I’m ready to play already. I’m going to cry when basketball ends too because its just so sad that I’m a senior and graduating Jerry. It is so stressful graduating, you have to pick your tassel color, pictures for yearbook and other things, it’s a lot to do. But I’m excited! Well that’s all I can think of to talk about right now Jerry, till next time.

Your friend Mia


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