Dear Jerry,

I have no clue what to write about anymore, I just want to be done with school and graduate already. I already picked the color of my tassel its going to be bright green and black, I thought about decorating the top of my graduation cap. but there’s a problem jerry I have no ideas!!

I would have told you all about this earlier but I got caught up with school and sports and helping mom with the nieces. so im hoping that my wonderful teacher doesn’t notice that I did this last minute;) I have really bad senioritis jerry you have no idea. sometimes I just sit in class day dreaming about my future and what I want to be. every now and again my teacher notices that Im not working and she tells me to get back to work, but on the main part im a very good student. well jerry I have to go and get this blog post done since its due by 12 a.m and its 11:40 pm. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early. until tomorrow jerry:)



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