Hello Jerry. I am glad to be able talk you again. So, I have some exciting news. REALLY exciting news.
A month ago I had take A.C.T to try and pass reading and writing so that I could get into college. Turns out I had passed writing and failed reading, or so I thought. Just two days ago I went to the college: FSW college, d they told me  ad passed all the necessary subjects to be able to get in. And just today we went back to the college and I chose my classes. I was really nervous and excited. I had chosen math and English and biology. But turns out that I’m not clarified yet to start in the spring. So we went down to an office and my advisor is going to call me on Monday.
Now don’t get me wrong im excited for college but im also a little sad.  wont be in one Room as much anymore. I’ll still be there for a few classes but I wont be there all the time. But at least I wont be completely gone.
So im really excited for this new episode of my life. But there will never be a class or place that can top the amazingness that is One Room Learning.
Your friend,


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