My Nieces.

Dear Jerry,

I’m really sorry I didn’t write my blog last week, I totally forgot about it. Well just to catch you up on things basketball is going great! School is… going, I can’t wait until I graduate! But school is going very good. I had a job interview and I’m just waiting for them to call me back, you have probably heard Miss Sarah and a couple students joking around with me about it. Well Jerry… I’m going to tell you about my two little nieces. Their so adorable I believe their 10 months. And guess what. Their Twins!! When my older sister came over to my house to show the family the pictures of the babies I joked around saying it “it would be hilarious if she had twins.” Well I looked at the pictures and I again joked around saying “it would be hilarious if she had twins.” Heather, my older sister stood there smiling at me. She finally told me she was having twins since I couldn’t tell from the pictures. Now Jerry, you might have forgotten but Bethany and I are twins and so it’s awesome having my nieces as twins. Their fraternal twins just like Bethany and I but they weighed a lot more then us when we were born. Their learning how to stand on their own and walk but first they have to get the standing on their own mastered down before they begin walking. Well jerry… This is my letter to you.




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