Trip To Universal

Dear Jerry,
A few weeks back I took a vacation with my mom to Universal in Orlando FL. I had never been to Universal before and I didn’t know what to expect. My mom and I were planning on spending most, if not all our time in Harry Potter world because we are both big Harry potter fans. My mom made read the entire series before she would let me go. We stayed at the Cabana Bay Beach resort. From the moment I entered the hotel I knew it would be a vacation to remember, standing in line to check in there were people dressed like the Hogwarts students from the books and I was so excited. Our first day was magical but as the trip went on it became more and more fun. My second day I bought a Hogwarts robe and a tie so I could look like one of the students from the books. People started noticing me wherever I went and then they started asking if they could take a picture of me with their kids and of just me. They spoke all sorts of diffident languages so I didn’t understand anything they were saying but they did get their pictures. Most of the people thought I worked there and one lady asked me if I worked there and asked for directions. That wasn’t even the best part though. All of the workers at the parks started interacting with me and they would ask me if I was out of school and if I was playing hooky and stuff like that. The Slytherin workers would taunt me and I would play along which made even better. We went other places like Jurassic park which was also super fun because I got to meet a velociraptor. But we spent most of our time in harry potter world it was super fun and I hope one day you will get to go there too. Your bud. – Caroline


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