My Brother Sam is Dead

Dear Jerry,

I have to tell you about a book. When I got told this, not a lot of books popped in my head. I didn’t know what to write about until I thought of a book that I had to read in school this year, the book is My Brother Sam is Dead.

Jerry, of course you can tell by the title of the book what happens. Don’t let that fool you, This book is a fantastic book. I would read it again in a heart beat. Sam in the book is the older brother of Tim, He comes back from college and tells his family that he wants to join the rebels. Well his family didn’t like that idea at all, especially his father. The same day Sam goes on and on about joining and telling Tim that’s he’s going to take their fathers gun that’s above the fire place. That night Sam and his father got in a big argument, The next morning he was gone.

That’s all I’m going to tell you for today Jerry, let me know what you think of the book. I’ll talk to you later.



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