A Book I Recommend

Dear Jerry,

Today I’m going to write to you about a book that I read a few years back. The book series is called “Golden Filly” and the author’s name is  Lauraine Snelling. I got the series in two larger books, but its most common in the many small books that the story was written in. This book is about a college aged girl who trains young horses for the racetrack. Trish, the main character, loves her family, but she’s particullarly fond of her dad. When tragedy strikes the family, Trish is forced to fall on the Lord and rely on Him and not her dad. Through many trials, later in the series she becomes pretty successful in the horse racing industry.

I love this book series because it’s not your typical cheesy Christian novel, yet it’s not your typical worldly  novel either. By typical cheesy Christian novel I mean totally unrealistic, and that they have no issues and their life is perfect when they become a Christian. This book shows that you still have trials, maybe even more, when you’re a christian than not. Trish has her moments of unbelief and wants to give up, that why I loved this story line so much…it’s realistic and not too far fetched. It is mature enough for people my age and also an easy enough to read for kids in middle school. I was 13 when I first read these books and I read the whole series within a few days. This book was even beneficial for me because the lesson is to lean on God in everything. The book has drama, love, and humor. Typically I don’t like reading horse novels because they are either really off track or they are just predicted story lines. Lauraine Snelling writes the story to where you never want to stop reading, to where you NEED to know what happens in the next chapter.

If you’re into horse books, read this one!

Your favorite One Roomer,

Mya ;p


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