The Giver

I really don’t care who you are this is a good book to read if you are from the age of ten and up. This book centers around finding the hidden truth about whats going on in the country that you live in. and then you find out that your country has a lot of dirty secrets and only you know what is going on and you don’t want to involve any one else because you don’t want to get them hurt. But then you wind up getting the girl you have a crush on involved and she gets kidnapped and the best thing for you to do to protect her is to get yourself out of there so that they know she’s telling the truth when she says she doesn’t know where you are. You know average stuff right we’ve all been there before.

So why is this good well if the government bans a book from being able to read it in school it’s either one of two things its either the scarlet letter or it’s a good book to read. I mean why would the government ban a book if it wasn’t going to do anything to start an uprising against it. Unless this book actually could show people how corrupt the government that they thought was so great actually was. you know what let’s just move on how about we talk about what this book is such a good read. Well in my opinion this book is a good read because the amount of description is just right in this book it doesn’t just gloss over the description of buildings but it doesn’t go in to three pages of description to describe the building. And besides that it’s got a good storyline and this is one of the few good book to movie type of movies that i’ve seen. So I mean over all I would just recommend reading this book and if you get the chance read the whole series it doesn’t stop with just The Giver.


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