Job hunting

So no one knows this yet but I am starting to look for a Job. Nothing to big or to small. Something part time to get me by on my gasoline. Now I’ve got a plan but I need a job in order to pay for that plan. The plan includes lightsabers, ( custom made by me ) A camera and youtube. See I need some money to start this youtube thing. And in order to get money I need a Small job to pay for it. After the video kicks off I can sit back and wait for youtube to pay me. Simple, right? Wrong it takes a lot of time to choreograph a sword fight and come up with something that pleases audiences. Which is just another reason why I need a Job for a while. The Job would provide me enough money to make the time for this plan of mine. Now what does any of that matter. Well it’s a dream of mine that if been trying to make work out for the past two years. However no matter what I do something always comes up mainly because I didn’t have the right amounts of money necessary to do it. So why would I be telling you that well I’m telling you this because I would like your help. If you have any suggestions on what Jobs I could apply for comment on what they are. And before you ask yourself have you even thought about places you could apply for yes I have. I have thought about applying at several places some of which are in the restaurant business and others not so much. And I’m not eighteen yet which prevents me from joining Bonvera yet but when the time comes you can bet that I’ll join up the very day I turn eighteen. Well that’s all for today let me know bout any job possibilities that you think I could pul off.

See you next time A.M.G.

Adventures in DC

Dear Jerry,

Alright. Well, I guess I’m supposed to tell you about our recent trip to Washington D.C..

As you already know, Miss Sarah decided to take some of the One Room kids on a trip to our nation’s capital. And since we live about 45 minutes or so outside DC; my mom, my sister, and I participated in most of it. Under normal circumstances, living that far outside the city would’ve made traveling back and forth for that many days inconvenient. But, thankfully there is a newly-built metro station near our area that allowed us to ride the metro into the city and avoid most of the chaos of commuter traffic.

Anyway. I’ll try to spare you the details that have already been covered multiple times already. Basically, this trip consisted of touring around the city and seeing as many historical sights as possible. We visited the major Smithsonian museums, monuments, and government buildings. After living here for 5 years, I’ve lost count of the number of times I have been into DC. At first, I felt as if I had seen pretty much everything there was to see multiple times. And, while that was true to some degree, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I finally had the chance to visit the Holocaust museum, which I can say with confidence was my favorite part of the trip. Ford’s Theater, Library of Congress, the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery were new sights to me as well. I have been to the Smithsonians many, many times by now, but it was still fun to visit them again. I think my favorite has always been the Air and Space museum. 

In summary, this school trip turned out better than I thought it would. I had fun and I enjoyed the much-needed exercise. Even though I missed the Supernatural convention to go on this thing, I’d say it was worth it. 😛


-Hannah M.

A Trip We Won’t Forget

Dear Jerry,
It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Some exciting things have been going on in One Room. We had our first out-of-state field trip! Some of the high school students (myself included) went to Washington D.C. for six days. I have been there before but it was still blast. We went during the Cherry Blossom Festival and the trees were beautiful. We got to see the Washington monument, Pentagon, Lincoln’s memorial and a bunch of other memorials and monuments. On our second day in D.C. a few of us (not the boys) got up super early to go and wait in line for tickets to the holocaust museum. It was really fun, we got to practice our lines for our upcoming play and then some of us went to get hot chocolate and ponchos because it started to rain. The holocaust museum was truly moving and I completely recommend it if you want to stop by on one of your many travels. We had some interesting adventures when we were up in D.C. Some of which included singing A Capella in the metro on our way to church, playing clapping games in line for the museums, finding money in the American postal museum… and the American history museum, trying Shawarma (it was all right), listening to the whisper spot in the Capitol building and visiting Arlington in 18 degree weather. The trip truly helped us bond and become closer as a group and it was an amazing opportunity. If you were to ask me Jerry what my favorite part was, I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. The whole trip was full of new opportunities and fun memories. I do however have one thing that rather stood out to me. It was when we visited Ford’s theater where Lincoln was shot and going across the street to the house where Lincoln died. It was very somber but it was an amazing experience and feeling, knowing that I was standing in a piece of history. I had fun talking to you Jerry, and I will try my best to keep you posted about the adventures of One Room. Your bud

First Time For Everything.

Dear Jerry.

This past week I was able to go to Washington D.C. It was Fantastic! I loved being able to go with my classmates on this school trip. I would have to say my favorite part about the trip was when we got to visit The Air and Space Muesum. I loved looking at all the different Airplanes and learning about space. It was really cool walking around D.C and looking at all the different trees they have. Since Florida basically has the same trees everywhere you go. I was able to ride in a airplane for the first time. At first I was extremely nervous but once I got on the plane and settled in I was completely fine. I was only a little nervous after that. Once we were up in the air I looked outside and saw the clouds, They were so pretty! I’ve never seen anything like it. On the last plane heading home, my ears began to hurt really bad. I tried all I could to relieve the pain but nothing helped. After the flight I was not really able to hear. Even a couple days after the flight I was not able to hear. But right now, I’m able to hear a lot better, I’m still a little sick from my allergys but that’s okay.

Well Jerry this is my letter to you.


A trip I won’t forget

Dear Jerry,

I had the best time in Washington D.C. It was my first time on a airplane, I was so scared at first. Hannah A. helped me out and calmed me down whenever I freaked out. We had to take two planes to get to D.C. the first flight went to Boston Massachusetts. Then we waited for about an hour or less and went from Boston to D.C.   When we landed we went to the hotel and put our luggage away just relaxed for a few hours from traveling. After we all rested. we got some food at Harris Teeter, its kind of like a Publix.

Now Jerry this is one of my Favorite parts about this trip I don’t want to tell you all the stuff I loved about this trip because it would be to long. after we ate at Harris Teeter we went to the memorials we could walk to before it got to dark. we saw the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, World War II, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Korean War Memorial and The Washington Monument.

This day was awesome because as we were leaving the sun was going down and we could see all the Memorials and the Washington Monument light up because of all the lights on them. It was so Beautiful. I wish you could have been there jerry. Maybe next time you can go with us. I’ll talk to you later Jerry

-Bethany (C. Jukes)


One Room takes DC

Dear Jerry,

Last week  some of the One Roomers took a five day trip to Washington DC. It was a lot of fun! We went to so many different places. We went to Memorials, Monuments, Museums and the Zoo. All the places we visited were so cool, but the one that was most emotional for me would have to be the Holocaust Museum. It tells you all about the Holocaust from how the kids were treated to how the adults were treated. The Holocaust started when Hitler came into power of Germany.

We started out in the children’s section that told you about this kid Daniel’s story. Daniel was a survivor of the Holocaust. His story started out by him telling you how his life was before the Holocaust. You would go through different places in the building that showed you what his house looked like, his town, and his diary. When people started not liking the Jews Daniel wasn’t aloud to do some of the things you use to do and some of his friends wouldn’t talk to him anymore juts because he as a Jew. Things started getting really bad for Daniel and all the other Jews. They were taken to this place called the Concentration Camp where they had to work on hours with very little to eat and what they did get to eat was just moldy bread. Daniel’s mother and sister Erica were taken away from them and later on Daniel had heard that Hitler and his men had killed them. All Daniel wanted to know was why me? Why am I being treated like this for doing nothing. Everyday Daniel was constantly writing in his diary abut what he would go through on that day and how he felt. There were some days when Daniel thought he wouldn’t make it or survive. But he did! Walking out of Daniel’s story is very moving, one of the things I learned was that we need to remember those children that had to go through all that.

Now the children’s section is super emotional, but that was just the beginning of the tour, the next stop was down to the adult section. If you couldn’t make it through the children’s section there is no way you were going to be able to handle the adult section. When you walk into the tour the lights are very dim and the first picture you see is of all the people that were burned and just thrown on the ground. You could about four to six hours in the tour, because there is so much to read and see. A lot of the times I didn’t want to look but I kept looking and all I could think was why would someone treat people like this, for doing absolutely nothing! I mean people were taking videos and pictures and its just like why wouldn’t they help these people…. Every corner you would turn there was another picture or video of something horrible happening. Hitler would starve these people and take their clothes away and cut off their hair. After they were already dead it wasn’t enough for him, he would burn them and throw them in ditches. One of the signs in the museum said “I don’t even think Lucifer could of created a worse hell.” The only thing that was left of all these people were their shoes and the only reason the shoes survived was because they weren’t made of human flesh. Throughout the whole tour I didn’t know what to think of all this. I felt sad, angry, and disgusted. I mean you must be a pretty messed up person to have no gilt after doing this to people.

After we finished the tour we all just sat around and it was silent. I really had no words. Even though it was a horrible thing what happen to those people, it was good to see it all and know what had happened, because we need to remember the Holocaust and share about it with people so now one forgets. So to Jerry and whoever else is reading this please remember the Holocaust.

Well till next time Jerry,

your friend Mia 🙂