First Time For Everything.

Dear Jerry.

This past week I was able to go to Washington D.C. It was Fantastic! I loved being able to go with my classmates on this school trip. I would have to say my favorite part about the trip was when we got to visit The Air and Space Muesum. I loved looking at all the different Airplanes and learning about space. It was really cool walking around D.C and looking at all the different trees they have. Since Florida basically has the same trees everywhere you go. I was able to ride in a airplane for the first time. At first I was extremely nervous but once I got on the plane and settled in I was completely fine. I was only a little nervous after that. Once we were up in the air I looked outside and saw the clouds, They were so pretty! I’ve never seen anything like it. On the last plane heading home, my ears began to hurt really bad. I tried all I could to relieve the pain but nothing helped. After the flight I was not really able to hear. Even a couple days after the flight I was not able to hear. But right now, I’m able to hear a lot better, I’m still a little sick from my allergys but that’s okay.

Well Jerry this is my letter to you.



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