A trip I won’t forget

Dear Jerry,

I had the best time in Washington D.C. It was my first time on a airplane, I was so scared at first. Hannah A. helped me out and calmed me down whenever I freaked out. We had to take two planes to get to D.C. the first flight went to Boston Massachusetts. Then we waited for about an hour or less and went from Boston to D.C.   When we landed we went to the hotel and put our luggage away just relaxed for a few hours from traveling. After we all rested. we got some food at Harris Teeter, its kind of like a Publix.

Now Jerry this is one of my Favorite parts about this trip I don’t want to tell you all the stuff I loved about this trip because it would be to long. after we ate at Harris Teeter we went to the memorials we could walk to before it got to dark. we saw the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, World War II, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Korean War Memorial and The Washington Monument.

This day was awesome because as we were leaving the sun was going down and we could see all the Memorials and the Washington Monument light up because of all the lights on them. It was so Beautiful. I wish you could have been there jerry. Maybe next time you can go with us. I’ll talk to you later Jerry

-Bethany (C. Jukes)



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