A Trip We Won’t Forget

Dear Jerry,
It’s been a while since we’ve talked. Some exciting things have been going on in One Room. We had our first out-of-state field trip! Some of the high school students (myself included) went to Washington D.C. for six days. I have been there before but it was still blast. We went during the Cherry Blossom Festival and the trees were beautiful. We got to see the Washington monument, Pentagon, Lincoln’s memorial and a bunch of other memorials and monuments. On our second day in D.C. a few of us (not the boys) got up super early to go and wait in line for tickets to the holocaust museum. It was really fun, we got to practice our lines for our upcoming play and then some of us went to get hot chocolate and ponchos because it started to rain. The holocaust museum was truly moving and I completely recommend it if you want to stop by on one of your many travels. We had some interesting adventures when we were up in D.C. Some of which included singing A Capella in the metro on our way to church, playing clapping games in line for the museums, finding money in the American postal museum… and the American history museum, trying Shawarma (it was all right), listening to the whisper spot in the Capitol building and visiting Arlington in 18 degree weather. The trip truly helped us bond and become closer as a group and it was an amazing opportunity. If you were to ask me Jerry what my favorite part was, I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. The whole trip was full of new opportunities and fun memories. I do however have one thing that rather stood out to me. It was when we visited Ford’s theater where Lincoln was shot and going across the street to the house where Lincoln died. It was very somber but it was an amazing experience and feeling, knowing that I was standing in a piece of history. I had fun talking to you Jerry, and I will try my best to keep you posted about the adventures of One Room. Your bud


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