Job hunting

So no one knows this yet but I am starting to look for a Job. Nothing to big or to small. Something part time to get me by on my gasoline. Now I’ve got a plan but I need a job in order to pay for that plan. The plan includes lightsabers, ( custom made by me ) A camera and youtube. See I need some money to start this youtube thing. And in order to get money I need a Small job to pay for it. After the video kicks off I can sit back and wait for youtube to pay me. Simple, right? Wrong it takes a lot of time to choreograph a sword fight and come up with something that pleases audiences. Which is just another reason why I need a Job for a while. The Job would provide me enough money to make the time for this plan of mine. Now what does any of that matter. Well it’s a dream of mine that if been trying to make work out for the past two years. However no matter what I do something always comes up mainly because I didn’t have the right amounts of money necessary to do it. So why would I be telling you that well I’m telling you this because I would like your help. If you have any suggestions on what Jobs I could apply for comment on what they are. And before you ask yourself have you even thought about places you could apply for yes I have. I have thought about applying at several places some of which are in the restaurant business and others not so much. And I’m not eighteen yet which prevents me from joining Bonvera yet but when the time comes you can bet that I’ll join up the very day I turn eighteen. Well that’s all for today let me know bout any job possibilities that you think I could pul off.

See you next time A.M.G.


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