Wildfire in Canada

Hey Jerry,

Today I want to shed some light on a not-so-great problem Canada has been dealing with for the past week: Wildfires. More specifically, a massive wildfire that’s currently blazing through Alberta. The fire started near the town Fort McMurray last week and the lack of rain, and strong winds have caused it to spread out of control. Some 90,000 people were forced to evacuate the area as the fire quickly reached the town and destroyed their homes. The monster of a fire continues to consume the area and there’s no telling exactly how long it will take to be contained. Needless to say, it’s a bad situation. The good news is, there have been no reported deaths from the fire directly as of yet and reports have said that they are beginning to approach turning point. The town has had some rain which has slowed the fire a bit. However, it is likely to last for weeks to come. The fire is nowhere near contained as of yet.

I honestly can’t imagine being in a situation like this. Not many people know this, but fire was something that really scared me as a kid. There was a good few year period where I was constantly paranoid of being caught in a fire at school or my home. In my defense, being burned alive is probably one of the worst ways to die, so I’d say my paranoia was somewhat justified. Anyway. While I’m no longer worried all the time about my house spontaneously bursting into flames, this would still be a nightmare situation for me. So my heart goes out to the people affected. Also, my respects to the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to fight this beast.

I don’t really have much else to say about this, Jerry. I will be following this story closely for the next few weeks. I sincerely hope everything will be resolved soon enough.


-Hannah M.


Missing Engine Cover Calls for an Emergency Landing

Dear Jerry,
Here is one of the many things that is happening i the world right now.
On Sunday afternoon a Delta flight 762 going to Chicago from Atlanta had a little more than slight turbulence. At 28,ooo feet the cabin lights came on due to turbulence. The passengers looking out the window had a rude awakening when they looked out and saw the cowling, the piece that covers the engine, was off. Due to the bad turbulence the piece of the plane had ripped off, the loose piece seems to have struck part of the fuselage, according to pictures. The pilot then told the 109 passengers aboard the Boeing 717 that they were to have an emergency landing. The plane landed safely in Nashville and all of the passengers and crew walked away uninjured. Delta has mad many gestures of apology to the passengers and they are currently investigating what went wrong.
I hate turbulence. I personally just do not like flying in general, so this article made me not want to fly even more. The thought of being that high in the air and only being supported by two engines is terrifying, not to mention once the plane starts going out of control and it feels like you’re falling out of the sky…no thanks. I can just imagine how the person that noticed the piece was missing tustve felt, or how everyone else felt when the pilot announces an emergency landing. I bet even the crew was a bit nervous. Anyway, I don’t know who you feel about flying Jerry, but I do not like flying and this story made me not want to all the more.


73 killed 52 seriously injured

Dear Jerry,

I’m glad we get to talk again it’s been a while. So I have been tasked with talking to you about a current event. I am sad to report that my current event is a very solemn one. Today (Sunday may 8, 2016) in Afghanistan a bus was speeding on the road linking Kabul with Kandahar when it collided into a fuel tanker and the bus caught fire. That bus then ignited another bus nearby and made it catch fire as well. People who had been aboard both buses died and were seriously injured. In total 73 people were killed and 52 were seriously injured. It is a sad and tragic accident that occurred but it is an important thing for us to know. It is important to know not only because of the need to be aware of what is happening outside our country but also because it states in the CNN news article that accidents are fairly commonplace in Afghanistan because the roads are poorly maintained. That tells us something about how the country is run. It is very sad that so many lives were lost in one place but it also brings awareness to us on how important it is to drive safe. So there it is Jerry I am sorry if I made you feel sad but it is always good to be aware and to honor when something tragic occurs even if it’s not in our country. We must remember the loss of other countries and not stay cocooned inside our country and use it as a protective shell from the rest of the world. Well I hope I enlightened you Jerry, until next time. Your bud

An Adventure in South Africa.

Dear Jerry,

Sorry I haven’t put up my blog yet. I’ve been busy juggling school and work. I was told to write a blog about a current event that happened in history in the past couple days. I didn’t want to do this at all but when I started looking up current events and found this one that I’m about to tell you. I couldn’t pass this one up. So Jerry, I have a somewhat funny/scary story to tell you that happened in South Africa today. (May 4, 2016) There was a safari group in a South African park that found themselves in a standoff with some elephants. When the safari people would try and pass the elephants would get aggressive and take up a defensive poses and act as though they are preparing to charge several times during the encounter. When the people would try and reverse there was always something in the way blocking them in. The elephants finally cleared from the road and allowed the vehicle to drive away.  Can you believe that Jerry?? I would have been so scared not being able to do anything and staring death in the face. Well, hopefully that doesn’t happen to neither of us anytime soon.

Well Jerry this is my letter to you. May the fourth be with you! 😉


Carly takes a tumble

Dear Jerry,

This week I’m suppose to blog about a current event. The one I chose is about Ted Cruz’s running mate, Carly Fiorina. At a rally in Indiana earlier this week, Cruz’s presidential running mate tried her best to get the crown fired up as she introduced the Texas Senator and his family. Fiorina said, “Welcome your next first family. Heidi Cruz, your next first lady, Caroline and Catherine, and your next president of the United States, Ted Cruz!” As Cruz and his family start walking out the crowd starts to clap and cheer really loud. While they’re walking out and waving to the crowd Fiorina starts stepping back and couldn’t keep her balance and she falls right off the stage. Now Jerry because there were so many people and everyone was focused on Cruz and his family no one even noticed that she fell. She was on the ground for a good 10 seconds before Cruz’s wife Heidi noticed her. She got up and regained her spot on stage, but if I were her I would of left the building. LOL Now don’t get me wrong Jerry I felt really bad that she fell off the stage, I’m sure it hurt, and there were cameras everyone so its all over the internet, but Miss Sarah said we had to share our thoughts about current event. I thought it was very funny. Again don’t get me wrong, but people falling of stages is amusing to me.

Well that’s all for today Jerry,


P.S. If you want to watch her fall click on this link :p

Current Event

Dear Jerry,

I have to find a current event and right my thoughts about it. I found this article, I can’t find when it was written. But it was in the last week or so because it talks about the Queen of England turning 90 years old.

The Queen of England made a decision about Obama’s helicopters parking on her grass. Because the last time he was there he had six helicopters and it ruined her grass. she was upset about it and she decided to limit his helicopters to three the next time he visits in a month or so. and she doesn’t want his body guards in the dining room during dinner because it will be a distraction. I found this pretty funny and I have to say I wouldn’t want them in there during dinner. Also I wouldn’t want my grass ruined. When I was reading this I could not stop laughing I find the Queen of England pretty funny. Well Jerry that’s what my thought are about it.