Current Event

Dear Jerry,

I have to find a current event and right my thoughts about it. I found this article, I can’t find when it was written. But it was in the last week or so because it talks about the Queen of England turning 90 years old.

The Queen of England made a decision about Obama’s helicopters parking on her grass. Because the last time he was there he had six helicopters and it ruined her grass. she was upset about it and she decided to limit his helicopters to three the next time he visits in a month or so. and she doesn’t want his body guards in the dining room during dinner because it will be a distraction. I found this pretty funny and I have to say I wouldn’t want them in there during dinner. Also I wouldn’t want my grass ruined. When I was reading this I could not stop laughing I find the Queen of England pretty funny. Well Jerry that’s what my thought are about it.



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