Carly takes a tumble

Dear Jerry,

This week I’m suppose to blog about a current event. The one I chose is about Ted Cruz’s running mate, Carly Fiorina. At a rally in Indiana earlier this week, Cruz’s presidential running mate tried her best to get the crown fired up as she introduced the Texas Senator and his family. Fiorina said, “Welcome your next first family. Heidi Cruz, your next first lady, Caroline and Catherine, and your next president of the United States, Ted Cruz!” As Cruz and his family start walking out the crowd starts to clap and cheer really loud. While they’re walking out and waving to the crowd Fiorina starts stepping back and couldn’t keep her balance and she falls right off the stage. Now Jerry because there were so many people and everyone was focused on Cruz and his family no one even noticed that she fell. She was on the ground for a good 10 seconds before Cruz’s wife Heidi noticed her. She got up and regained her spot on stage, but if I were her I would of left the building. LOL Now don’t get me wrong Jerry I felt really bad that she fell off the stage, I’m sure it hurt, and there were cameras everyone so its all over the internet, but Miss Sarah said we had to share our thoughts about current event. I thought it was very funny. Again don’t get me wrong, but people falling of stages is amusing to me.

Well that’s all for today Jerry,


P.S. If you want to watch her fall click on this link :p


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