An Adventure in South Africa.

Dear Jerry,

Sorry I haven’t put up my blog yet. I’ve been busy juggling school and work. I was told to write a blog about a current event that happened in history in the past couple days. I didn’t want to do this at all but when I started looking up current events and found this one that I’m about to tell you. I couldn’t pass this one up. So Jerry, I have a somewhat funny/scary story to tell you that happened in South Africa today. (May 4, 2016) There was a safari group in a South African park that found themselves in a standoff with some elephants. When the safari people would try and pass the elephants would get aggressive and take up a defensive poses and act as though they are preparing to charge several times during the encounter. When the people would try and reverse there was always something in the way blocking them in. The elephants finally cleared from the road and allowed the vehicle to drive away.  Can you believe that Jerry?? I would have been so scared not being able to do anything and staring death in the face. Well, hopefully that doesn’t happen to neither of us anytime soon.

Well Jerry this is my letter to you. May the fourth be with you! 😉



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