73 killed 52 seriously injured

Dear Jerry,

I’m glad we get to talk again it’s been a while. So I have been tasked with talking to you about a current event. I am sad to report that my current event is a very solemn one. Today (Sunday may 8, 2016) in Afghanistan a bus was speeding on the road linking Kabul with Kandahar when it collided into a fuel tanker and the bus caught fire. That bus then ignited another bus nearby and made it catch fire as well. People who had been aboard both buses died and were seriously injured. In total 73 people were killed and 52 were seriously injured. It is a sad and tragic accident that occurred but it is an important thing for us to know. It is important to know not only because of the need to be aware of what is happening outside our country but also because it states in the CNN news article that accidents are fairly commonplace in Afghanistan because the roads are poorly maintained. That tells us something about how the country is run. It is very sad that so many lives were lost in one place but it also brings awareness to us on how important it is to drive safe. So there it is Jerry I am sorry if I made you feel sad but it is always good to be aware and to honor when something tragic occurs even if it’s not in our country. We must remember the loss of other countries and not stay cocooned inside our country and use it as a protective shell from the rest of the world. Well I hope I enlightened you Jerry, until next time. Your bud


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