Missing Engine Cover Calls for an Emergency Landing

Dear Jerry,
Here is one of the many things that is happening i the world right now.
On Sunday afternoon a Delta flight 762 going to Chicago from Atlanta had a little more than slight turbulence. At 28,ooo feet the cabin lights came on due to turbulence. The passengers looking out the window had a rude awakening when they looked out and saw the cowling, the piece that covers the engine, was off. Due to the bad turbulence the piece of the plane had ripped off, the loose piece seems to have struck part of the fuselage, according to pictures. The pilot then told the 109 passengers aboard the Boeing 717 that they were to have an emergency landing. The plane landed safely in Nashville and all of the passengers and crew walked away uninjured. Delta has mad many gestures of apology to the passengers and they are currently investigating what went wrong.
I hate turbulence. I personally just do not like flying in general, so this article made me not want to fly even more. The thought of being that high in the air and only being supported by two engines is terrifying, not to mention once the plane starts going out of control and it feels like you’re falling out of the sky…no thanks. I can just imagine how the person that noticed the piece was missing tustve felt, or how everyone else felt when the pilot announces an emergency landing. I bet even the crew was a bit nervous. Anyway, I don’t know who you feel about flying Jerry, but I do not like flying and this story made me not want to all the more.



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