Wildfire in Canada

Hey Jerry,

Today I want to shed some light on a not-so-great problem Canada has been dealing with for the past week: Wildfires. More specifically, a massive wildfire that’s currently blazing through Alberta. The fire started near the town Fort McMurray last week and the lack of rain, and strong winds have caused it to spread out of control. Some 90,000 people were forced to evacuate the area as the fire quickly reached the town and destroyed their homes. The monster of a fire continues to consume the area and there’s no telling exactly how long it will take to be contained. Needless to say, it’s a bad situation. The good news is, there have been no reported deaths from the fire directly as of yet and reports have said that they are beginning to approach turning point. The town has had some rain which has slowed the fire a bit. However, it is likely to last for weeks to come. The fire is nowhere near contained as of yet.

I honestly can’t imagine being in a situation like this. Not many people know this, but fire was something that really scared me as a kid. There was a good few year period where I was constantly paranoid of being caught in a fire at school or my home. In my defense, being burned alive is probably one of the worst ways to die, so I’d say my paranoia was somewhat justified. Anyway. While I’m no longer worried all the time about my house spontaneously bursting into flames, this would still be a nightmare situation for me. So my heart goes out to the people affected. Also, my respects to the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to fight this beast.

I don’t really have much else to say about this, Jerry. I will be following this story closely for the next few weeks. I sincerely hope everything will be resolved soon enough.


-Hannah M.



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