um what

Hey Jerry,

Well, here we are again. Another year of school. Wow. I am so enthused. lol sike. No, but for real though, I’m very glad this is my last year of high school. So, as my first blog assignment of the year, I’ve been told to reintroduce myself to our new readers.

Hi, I’m that other Hannah. I am a senior this year. I’ve been causing prob- I mean, attending One Room for three years now. I grew up in the forests of Mirkwood- wait no, the swampland of Florida but I’ve been living in Northern Virginia for almost 6 years. I am an INTJ and lover of science. I’m also a full-time geek and very amateur cosplayer. Watching Netflix is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy gaming, crafting, reading, listening to metal (so #edgy, I know), and hunting Pokemon. So yeah. I may not seem like the most interesting human being in the world, but let’s just say that’s my strategy so people don’t discover my secret identity. (heh heh) If for some weird reason you want to know a little more about me, feel free to read my other posts. Although I must warn you, some of my older ones are a bit, uh, cringe-worthy and ill-informed. Reader discretion is advised.

And with that, I should probably end this post here before I sound like a narcissist. :b I look forward to writing you again in a few weeks, Jerry.


-Hannah M.


2 thoughts on “um what

  1. How are you old?!? I just saw a pic of you WAY back in the day when I taught little tiny you in Seekers. Now you’re all grown up and probably skulking around in the depths of the night keeping Gotham’s streets safe. So thankful for the opportunity to be part of your highschool years, you are a unique and incredible young woman! Love you and miss you! ~Miss Sarah

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