Hello Internet

Hello everyone! It finally happened, I’m of age. I now must write on “the blog.” Throughout my years of one room I’ve heard the moans, sighs, and horror stories that have come from the word “blog.” No joke. Just say the word in class and fear is struck in the souls of the high schoolers. I have hope because there has been survivors, the graduated seniors. Yes, they may have survived but the affect of the blog seems to be permanent. Personally I am quite excited to be able to express thoughts, feelings, and assignments on the internet, but we’ll see how long this feeling lasts.

At this point I still need almost two-hundred words so let me tell you what happened during break…

It all started because the Bergquist kids brought tuna for lunch. So we take it to the kitchen and proceed to make the tuna. We opened the can, drained the juice, dumped tuna in the bowl, added mayonnaise, stired  it up, put it on bread, and ta-da! Tuna sandwich. Astonished by what just occurred Caroline says in a loud voice, “what are you doing?!?!?” Confused Stephen replied, “making a tuna sandwich.” disgusted Caroline proceeds to say, “You did it the wrong way.” Stephen, quite flabbergasted at the fact that someone thought he did something wrong replied, “how are you supposed to do it the .” Caroline then proudly declares what she thinks is the correct way to make a tuna sandwich. “First you toast the bread. Then take your bread, put the mayonnaise on the bread, then put the tuna on the bread. Boom! You have the perfect tuna sandwich.” Stephen being quite confused, disgusted, and (probably) offended strongly told Caroline, “What?!?!?” They continue to jokingly (but not really) argue about how the “proper” way to make the sandwich is, they bring it back to the classroom.

Seeing that neither one of them will succeed atconvince the other, they take it to our fellow class mates. Mya, Stephanie, and myself agreed with Stephen’s theory that you mix your tuna and mayo separately, leaving Caroline by herself in her opinion.

Overhearing the conversation Miss Grace, being the wonderful teacher she is, wants to help. They both prepose their thought process and leave miss grace to decide. She, like everyone else (in the entire world), agreed with Stephen, leaving Caroline,again with zero followers. The argument continued but then was hindered by the time which read 11:35.

That is the end of the story. For now. Because neither competitor  will except defeat.

Well the end of that story brings me to the end of my first blog.

Goobye internet! Until next time😝


One thought on “Hello Internet

  1. Welcome to the wonderful, amazing, transforming experience that is Letters to Jerry! I’m sure you will add an exciting element to our little blog (and don’t listen to the haters, blogging is super fabulous!) Miss you big!

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