I will not accept defeat!

Dear Jerry,
You might have heard about a tuna argument that occurred during school last week… Let me assure you, I will not accept defeat! Even though I am the only one who knows the right way to make a tuna sandwich I am always looking out for someone to join me and have the best tuna sandwhiches ever!I went home and asked my family and my sister agrees that I know the correct way to make a tuna sandwhich. What can I say? Sisters rock! But now I must talk about my actual topic. My topic this week is what do I enjoy doing outside of school? Well let’s start by saying that the #1 thing I enjoy doing right now is hanging out with my friends and holding my couple week old puppies.The puppies are so adorable and adding some quality time with my friends on top of that is just the perfect combination. I also enjoy doing all kinds of other stuff besides school. I like to bowl (even though I’m terrible). I like to run,play basketball,hangout, and go on adventures.I also enjoy watching TV (who doesn’t?) and my new obsession is forensic files. Now you may be wondering, “what is forensic files?” I will tell you. Forensic files is a show where they take real life murder cases and solve them using forensic evidence.Pretty cool right? I also enjoy going to the library on a regular basis.I love all the books and the environment it is just so much fun.I enjoy going to the bookstore and going to coffee shops. I love hanging out with my nephew and taking him on adventures like to the library,the book store,the park,and exploring our city. Another thing I really enjoy is going to an annual tractor show called flywheelers there is so much cool stuff there and not just tractors. They have all kinds of delicious food like elephant ears, boiled peanuts,icees and so much more.So there’s another glimpse into what I like until next time your bud,

One thought on “I will not accept defeat!

  1. Unfortunately you are ALL wrong as there is NO good way to make a tuna sandwich because tuna sandwiches are NOT GOOD. That is all. Carry on. 🙂

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