My(a’s) Life

Dear Jerry,

Today I will be telling you about what I do in my free time, when I have it.

I am usually doing school but when I have time I relax. I am not really into reading so I prefer to watch tv with some friends and junk food, whether that be at the movie theatre or at one of my friends houses in our onesies. The movies we watch are actually normally tv shows like Criminal Minds or Forensic Files, ya know the norm for teenage girls.  Also a teenager can NEVER get enough sleep, especially this teenager, so if I have time I take naps, or sleep in late. I could sleep whenever, wherever… it’s a gift I have, I am just always tired.  Soon basketball will be starting and I will be using my free time for the opposite of sleeping, working out and training. Although it sucks in the moment, it makes being on the court a heck of a lot easier. I work Tuesday nights, and sometimes up to four days a week. I babysit for a family at the church with two sweet boys, Keanu and Kekoa. I love working there but needless to say the late night makes it hard to get up for school the next day. Again, I love sleep. Lately i have been going to my brothers band Rise Beyond band practice which is really fun, I enjoy their music. Plus the band members are my friends so it is fun to hang out there too.

Well Jerry I hope this caught you up on my life as of right now.


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