New Year. New Blogs?

Hey Jerry!

As you can probably tell from the steady flow of new blogs being posted, a new school year has begun. I feel like everyone is excited about it and ready for the year. Though we may not be ecstatic about the blog (as usual), you will still be provided with plenty of good blogs to keep you entertained. As for me, I’m happy about blogging this year, but there’s one question, “Will anyody even get to see my new blog posts?” This is the one thing that makes me dislike the blog. So, instead of taking this part of the blog to talk about myself or something that happened during one of the first days of school, I’m going to address the issues which have prevented me from posting my blogs in the past.

In recent years this system has been plagued with problems. Whether it’s WordPress, the way my blog’s posted, or my computer, something is definitely wrong. I would type up my blog, post it, check to see if it was posted, and never see it again. No matter where I looked, it could not be found. Now, I know you may be saying, “It’s probably just your own fault.” I have checked everything on my end and I didn’t find a single thing. It’s a problem somewhere else, but since I can’t find it, I’ll just have to pray I don’t encounter it this year. The last thing I want is for you and all the people of the internet to not be able to see my blog posts. I will always try my best to get it posted but if this problem occurs again, here’s my apology in advance.

What a way to use my introductory blog… but, at least you know what happened if they do disappear. Even though there’s a chance my blog posts will slip far off into the deep web (or wherever they go), I will still blog for you; whether you’re able to see them or not.

-Stephen Bergquist



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