what is my life even

Hey, Jerry.

I apologize in advance for the quality of my writing this time around. I typed this during the late hours of the night. You may be wondering why I wrote this at such a ridiculous time. Well, I kinda sorta forgot that I was assigned this until the very last minute. Oops. I don’t really feel like getting a lower grade by not posting anything, so here it is. [#RIPHannahsSleepCycle2016] Side note: Yes, I am aware that the title is lame. Deal with it.

Anyway. The topic for this week is explaining what I do in my spare time. Apparently we are supposed to have a life outside of school. Weird, right? As I’ve said before, my life isn’t the most exciting, especially at this point in time. Most of the few friends that I still have [somehow] are currently gone, so I don’t have much in terms of a social life. At all. Plus, as cliche as this excuse is, school and work have really been eating away at my time. I guess that means having a nonexistent social life is a good thing right now? I have no idea. All I know is, whining about life does not count as a blog post. So. What do I regularly do to waste my free time? The short answer is, not too much. But I will explain.

When I’m not tolerating impatient customers at work or trying not to drown in schoolwork, I can be found in my lair plotting world domination. Then when I get bored of that, I usually go browse YouTube and Netflix. But I won’t recommend any of my shows to you, since this is a school blog. :b I find great amusement in watching cringe-worthy movies and engaging in heated discussions about tv shows with my friends. Except they’re gone, so yeah. Debating the future of the Marvel MCU is another amusement of mine lately. I also dabble in the realm of cosplay and crafting, although I’ve lost some motivation because of (you guessed it) school. But my creativity isn’t dead yet, I know it will soon return with a passion.

That’s pretty much all I have going for me as of this moment. I may not be accomplishing much with my life compared to my friends, who are doing everything from finishing USMC boot camp, to winning mock trial tournaments, to exploring the field of medicine. But I know my time will come soon. I have plenty of exciting plans for my future and I can’t wait until the day I can finally reach my full potential.

Talk to you soon, probably.


-Hannah M.


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