Hey Jerry.

So, this week’s assignment is to interview an influential person in my life. To be honest, I rolled my eyes when I saw this topic on my schedule. I was at a loss in the beginning. Then I figured I could quickly go to my dad for a few jokes and be done with it. But I ended up getting more than I expected.

My dad has had his fair share of experiences in this world, probably more than most. As we were talking, he began to tell me about some of the highlights of his early days. This old Wisconsin native started his own California beer company in 1988 that was published in Surfing Magazine. He’s had a poem that he wrote on the Berlin Wall published back in the day. Then he went to law school and was a prosecutor. Then eventually he started his own granite business that he sold in 2005. He’s done a lot in his 50+ years of life – a lot more than I can list here. Ever since I could remember, my dad has always been full of advice. With that in mind, I asked him if he had any advice to give regarding success in life and business.

What’s some advice you could give to a young person looking to be successful?

“I would say, position yourself to be ready to take advantage of opportunity. For some people that’s just working and saving money, and for others it’s going to school and learning something. But opportunities present themselves all the time. If you haven’t saved your money or taken the time to get experience, you won’t be able to take advantage of opportunities.”

Is there anything you think someone could do to be a successful entrepreneur?

“Yes, I would say to always be a ‘learner’. [That is to say,] learn from your mistakes and learn about opportunity. If you’re a learner, you’ll generally be open to new things.”

As he continued to tell me some more stories, he mentioned his regret for carelessly passing up opportunities when he was young. He said, “There are opportunities everywhere. When I was young, I wish I would have taken advantage of them.” He emphasized how he wouldn’t want anyone to make that same mistake. “You gotta be a learner. That is what characterizes someone as being successful.”
This was basically our stopping point, because he was on the verge of falling asleep. So yeah. Underneath all of the lame jokes and movie quotes, he’s pretty smart. I guess. :b Hope some of our readers found his advice helpful.

Talk to you soon, probably.

-Hannah M.


One thought on “Dad

  1. Well written Hannah! I really appreciated reading this, as well as your Dad’s excellent advice to young (and not so young anymore) people.

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