Dear Jerry,

My job this week was to interview an influential person in my life and to write a blog about them and my interview. The person I chose to interview was my five year old nephew Jay. Let me start by telling you how he is influential to me. Jay influences a lot of what I do. He is an influence in the way I talk, the way I act and even the way I think. Here are some questions that I asked Jay during my interview.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“I want to be a circus man that does tricks like magic tricks.”

Jay influences the way I think about my future. He does this in the way that I see what he wants to do and I see the possibilities for him. He doesn’t think about how hard it will be or the chances that, that’s what he will actually be when he grows up. He just knows what he wants to do and he believes he can. I think we could all learn a lesson from this. Here is another question I asked him.

What is something you should always do?
“You should always obey. Do the right thing.”

Jay influences me in the way that he is unquestioning about what the right things to do are. If I do something wrong Jay will sometimes call me out on it and tell me that what I did was wrong. Jay is a big influence on my life in the way that he makes me more aware of what I say and what I do. Now I’m going to finish off my blog with a few other questions I asked him and his answers.

Should you obey police officers?
“Yes, because God made them to stop bad guys.”

Should you obey your parents?
“Yes, you should always obey your parents because that’s what the Lord tells you.”

Should you be brave and try new things?
“Yes, because the lord tried to make you like that and you should try new things even if your scared.”

I hope this blog was enlightening and enjoyable I’ll talk to you later Jerry. Your bud


One thought on “Interview

  1. So good Carrie! Well done and it was a great idea to interview Jay!

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