My Interview… with Rebekah

Hey Jerry!

This week we’ve been assigned to interview someone influential in our lives and blog about it. I was going to interview you, Jerry, but I didn’t get any responses… So instead, I chose my sister Rebekah. Here it is:

Why do you think I chose to interview you as my influential person?

“Because you’re cheap and I’m available and you just want to get the assignment done. But deep, down inside, you really do think I am an influential person.”

Can you expound on that?

“Gladly. I am an influential person because I am your only friend. I can always give you wise counsel when you need it, inform you when you’re being dumb and make fun of you for all the things we make fun of you for… like your embarrassingly pale thighs. And I bet that little two year old Stephen, lit up so brightly the day they brought baby me home. From that moment on, he knew he would never truly be alone. He would always have a friend and someone’s pillow to cry on (inside joke).”

You, being an athlete, must deal with the nerves that come before a game. How do you handle them, and do you have any pre-game rituals to help ease you before then?

“What nerves. I don’t get nervous, unlike you who gets nervous over everything. I don’t really have any rituals, I’m already focused and ready to win.

I realize you love food quite a bit. How would you describe your relationship with food?

“We’ve been madly in love for 15 years. Everyday my fondness of it grows stronger and stronger. We plan on spending the rest of our lives together.”

As you can see, the interview was quite unusual. From her making fun of me, to confessing her passionate love towards food, it had its ups and downs. It was very amusing to hear her responses. Though I still wish I could’ve interviewed you, Jerry.  As much as I would’ve enjoyed that, I still had fun.

Until next time.





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