The Interview

Hey there Jerry!
As you know, the election is upon us. In only three days One-Room will hold its presidential debate between Caroline Barley and Stephen Bergquist. So for this weeks blog I am interviewing presidential candidate, Mr. Stephen Bergquist.
I will be asking questions concerning some of One-Rooms issues.

Hello Mr. Bergquist. How are you doing tonight?

I am very well. How are you?

I’m fine, thanks. Just want to start by saying thank you for your willingness to be here.

The pleasure is mine.

Let’s begin with our questions. In the past three years of attending One-Room, what,in your opinion, has been an ongoing issue?

I feel like One-Room students are suffering from short break times. Many aren’t even able to finish their food let alone get it in the microwave. Even if we were to increase break time by five minutes, that short amount would give students the extra time that they need to prepare their food.

There has been a lot of talk about Math Mammoth in the class. What is your take on it?

I took math mammoth last year and it had its ups and downs. I can relate to those who are opposed to it.

In this case do you think majority rules or that the teachers should continue with the curriculum? 

I believe that the teacher have the overall say in the matter but at the sane time they should take into consideration what the students have to say about the curriculum. For instance, if many of the students taking the curriculum feel like they are not preforming as well as they could or are struggling with the curriculum, the teachers should reconsider using that curriculum.

Because we are running out of time, I have one more question for you. Are you ready for this weeks debate? 

Yes. I am entering this week confident that my running mate and I will preform well in the debate.

Thank you for your time. 

^the end^

Well that’s that’s Jerry. I personally have a lot more to say about Math Mammoth (so does Julia…) in particularity but that’s another blog for another day.

Until next time, VP candidate Rebekah






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